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Sheet Metal Working Products

RVD sheet metal working products offer solutions that deliver reliable performance combined with excellent value.

All RVD machines are based on European research and development with product assembly taking place in countries which have been selected for their lower labour costs. With quality control processes in place, and high quality components from leading brands selected throughout, RVD machines deliver quality and reliability at a reasonable cost.

Fibre Laser Cutting

The RVD precision laser cutting machines include both compact models with manual loading as well as fully automated models with shuttle tables for production cutting.

Laser Cutting Machines RVD SmartFibre
Tube Laser RVD SmartFibre TF

Tube Laser Cutting

The RVD smart tube laser cutting machines are especially applicable for round, square, rectangular, oval and waist
round tubes.

Guillotine Shears

The RVD SmartShear S range of hydraulic swing beam guillotines are manufactured with a strong welded steel frame capable of shearing material from thicknesses of 4mm to 32mm and lengths from 2500mm to 6000mm.

RVD SmartShear Guillotine Shear

Press Brakes

The RVD SmartPress R range of hydraulic press brakes are manufactured with a strong welded steel frame with the conventional two axis torsion bar design.

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